About Glendor

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since the beginning. At the time, I had no idea how great of a game WoW would turn out to be. I had recently crossed over from FFXI because I heard that WoW had a great PVP system.

Before FFXI, I was a hard core first person shooter player, specifically playing a game called UT - Unreal Tournament. I was the leader of a clan called [OMC] which stood for “One Man Clan”. Although we played on the original OGL ladder system, we could never break into the top 5 world CTF clans. Still, the game was a blast and a few of my teammates eventually moved into professional status and actually got paid to play UT. If you were a UT player and you played at all the big servers like Six Feet Under, you might remember me…I played as LawDog, Smurfette, and A Crazy Dentist. Those were good times!

The player versus player aspect of WoW is what appeals to me most, probably because I love the challenge of competing against another player rather than a scripted boss encounter. If you haven’t taken the time to PVP, you’re missing out on what I feel is WoWs greatest strength. Give it a try!