Arathi Basin

It’s been said on many occasion that Alliance has more adolescent players which equates to immature playstyle, poor motor skills, and teammates who just want to bang the keyboard and don’t fully understand the dynamics of AB. Is it true? Hell if I know. In my opinion, AB is well balanced: Alliance seems to win just as often as Horde, at least in the games I play.

Winning AB is simple enough: control enough nodes for enough time to accumulate 2,000 points before the opposing team reaches 2,000 points. There are five different nodes that can be controlled: Stables, Farm, Blacksmith, Mines, and Lumber Mill. You will need to control 3 nodes the majority of the time to win. if you can control 5 nodes, it’s called a “5 cap”, and the game will end rather quickly.

When the game first starts, all nodes are neutral. You need to click one in order to take control of it. Then you need to wait a bit before the node actually switches to your side’s control. Each node will award points to its controlling team every few seconds.

Ok, now you understand the mechanics of AB. So, how do you win? If you follow a few simple rules, your team should do well.

Rule #1: When attacking, stick with your teammates. You should never attack a node solo. When you see a group of your teammates heading somewhere, go with them (unless you’re playing defense). Weak players will typically run off on their own and try to solo attack a node. These types of players will cost you the game. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it except try to talk to them in BG chat but that usually doesn’t work.

Rule#2: Play defense. If you and a bunch of your teammates take over a node, stick around and defend it. If your group mounts up and heads towards another location, stay and protect the node. “Zerging” around the map as a massive attack group rarely works unless you’re a well organized pre-made. Ideally, your team should have 5 defenders at every node you control. It is extremely difficult to take over a node that has five defenders.

Rule#3: If you’re a healer, HEAL YOUR GROUP! Even if you claim to be a DPS Paladin, stay conscious of your teammates. Throw them a heal. If they live, you will have a better chance of winning. Playing selfishly and only focusing on your own health is a guaranteed way to lose the game.

Rule#4: Kill the healers first or at the very least, distract them. As a hunter, my first goal is to send my pet after the healer of any enemy group. I find the healer, send my pet, and then start DPSing any clothies within the group.

Rule#5: Focus fire. If everyone in your group is focusing on a single target, that target will die very quickly, even if it has a dedicated healer.

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