Simple Steps To Protect Your Wow Account

I’ve had several friends get their WoW account hacked. It’s definitely no fun. Most of the time its a gold spammer who proceeds to strip your account, ship off the gold, and then spam the hell out of the realms with your account. Other players then report you and Blizzard promptly shuts off your account. If you’re lucky, you get your account back. But sometimes you can’t get your account back and that’s the end of your WoW adventuring unless you purchase a new key.

To avoid getting a keylogger installed on your pc, follow these simple suggestions:

  1. Get the latest antivirus software. As long as you install a major brand, they’re all pretty much the same. I prefer Avast Anti-Virus (because it’s free for home users). Most people will complain about AV software running while you are also playing WoW. Just remember, you can only get a virus if you click on something or download an infected file. So, generally speaking, it is safe to turn off your AV software while playing WoW. However, be sure to turn it back on before you start surfing the web again.
  2. Don’t use Outlook or any other email client that automatically downloads emails to your computer. Most hackers spam emails with infected files as attachments. If you use an automatic email downloader, then the infected file is instantly transported to your PC. At this point, you had better have the latest version of your AV running or you could be in trouble. I find it much easier to leave all email on the web. You can do this by accessing your email accounts via web-email. 99% of all email providers have an access page where you can check your email in a similar manner to using hotmail or yahoo. All emails stay on the web, which keeps all potential viruses on the web.
  3. Don’t click links inside emails from people you don’t know, and even from people you do know. Do you want to be safe with your account and your computer? Don’t click any links whatsoever, even from people you know. There are complex, malicious pieces of software out there that will infect a persons email client and then spam everyone in their contact list with a general email along with an infected file. So if you receive an email from your buddy, there is always a chance he or she didn’t send it, and the email was generated via a virus on his/her machine. This may seem like an overboard tactic, but I have never had my account hacked nor have I had any accounts hacked.
  4. If you see a link to a website that is posted on the WoW forums or any forum for that matter, don’t be click happy! If you really want to know more about the site, perform a search for the site through google before you visit it. For example, before visiting one of my gold guide links, you could do a search in Google for “boss killing” and you will see my site show up as #1. If you visit it (through google’s search result link), you will also notice that my site has what is called Page Rank. Page Rank, or “PR” for short, indicates a website has been around a while and is generally trusted by Google. If the website does not have any PR, and has a “greyed out” PR rank, then you should be careful while visiting that site. To see the Page Rank of websites, you will need to install the free Google Toolbar.

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