Warsong Gulch Strategies

Prior to Alliance being able to roll Shaman, Warsong Gulch was predominantly won by Horde. The Shaman ability Frost Shock coupled with Tauren War Stomp and the Orc’s 15% resistance to stun/slow effects, pretty much made WSG impossible for Alliance teams to win.

Now that both sides have Frost Shock, the game has become much more balanced. Horde still has a slight edge with War Stomp on their side and the Orc’s racial traits because when it comes to similar racial traits, Alliance has nothing to compare with either.

Warsong Gulch is about speed. If your flag carrier can get a small jump on the enemy, the flag cap is pretty much secured. That is why any slowing/stunning effects are priceless in a WSG game. Even a 1 second stun can slow the enemy enough to allow a flag carrier to cap or to escape death.

I find it very funny now that Alliance can win WSG just as easily as Horde, Horde players typically abandon any WSG that they do not dominate. Basically, if Alliance is the first team to cap, you will immediately see 2 or 3 Horde quit the game. Pretty pathetic. Us Alliance players got the crap kicked out of us in WSG for years and we didn’t run off crying when the odds looked bad.

Anyway, to win at WSG, it’s pretty simple: grab the enemy flag, return to your base, and walk across your flag while its still in its home position. Capture The Flag is the name of the game.

Zerging works extremely well in WSG. If you can manage keeping all 10 players together, you can basically walk to the enemy flag, pick it up, then systematically kill the opposing force until you find their flag carrier. Of course, this is easier said than done unless you have a pre-made.

The small map allows for a tight force to hunt down and kill anyone in the game. With a focused group that has a few healers, WSG is an easy game to win.

Fearing, slowing, stunning - any form of CC will sway the odds of winning dramatically in your direction. Keep that in mind when you are assisting your flag carrier.

As a hunter, I’m constantly throwing down slow traps and wing-cipping as many targets as I can. Killing the enemy is not the priority; it’s about giving your flag carrier enough time to escape the enemy. Like mentioned above, even a 1 second stun or slow can ensure a team’s victory.

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