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The above video shows the stages but does not explain it thoroughly enough. Still, it is a good video and the best I have seen for showing a "how to" kill Attumen.


Attumen & Midnight

Step by Step for Attumen

  1. Off Tank pulls Midnight
  2. Main Tank stands between Midnight and the rest of the party
  3. At 95%, Attumen spawns. Main Tank must grab him immediately
  4. All DPS should be on Midnight until he is at 25%. Stop DPS at this point
  5. Attumen mounts Midnight and Main Tank must pick him up and establish aggro
  6. Plate or Mail wearing toons should stand between the party and Attumen because he will periodically charge
  7. DPS him to zero

Things that help: Use Misdirect at 25%. If you have two hunters, use misdirect at 95% on Attumen and at 25% on Attumen.

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This is a pretty good video for Moroes. Some added text for explanation would have been nice.



Step by Step for Moroes

  1. MT pulls Moroes
  2. MT and OT must remain on Moroes the entire fight.
  3. Crowd control two ads. We typically crowd control the plate wearers simply because they take longer to kill. You can freeze trap or shackle them.
  4. This will leave two ads free. Hopefully you have a third form of crowd control and you can use it temporarily. If not, you will need to off tank with a paladin for the third ad.
  5. The 4th ad should be your first kill target. A rogue can stun lock it or kite it while the rest of the party kills it.
  6. You should now kill the 3rd ad (the one your paladin has been off-tanking or you've been temporarily crowd controlling). DPS him or her to zero.
  7. Now that two ads are dead, focus all DPS on Moroes.
  8. Moroes will vanish and gouge periodically. Ice block and Stoneform remove it. Otherwise, you will need to cast blessing of protection on whomever Moroes gouges as it ticks for a significant amount of damage. If the bubble is gone, then you need to keep HOTs on anyone with gouge.
  9. DPS Moroes to zero.
  10. Kill the remaining two ads.

Things that help: Your priests need to shackle the entire fight, or your hunter needs to freeze trap. We usually have two hunters and two priests. The hunters will pull their targets into the freeze traps and continously trap them throughout the fight. As any hunter will tell you, your trap timer will eventually leave you without a freeze trap for the ad. Your priest should throw a shackle onto a target to help the hunter with his or her timer. The hunter can setup a macro-tell to inform the priest "hey! i need a shackle over here!"

Priests should setup macros to /target (mob name they need to shackle) and then /castspell (shackle undead). I'm not sure of the exact macro because I'm not a priest, but you get the idea. Making the shackle a one-button click is highly recommended so your priest doesn't try to find the target every time a shackle is needed.

If your priests are the only means of crowd control on the two ads (hopefully you have two priests), then your priests should cast 3 heals, then cast shackle-macro, 3 heals, then cast shackle-macro. Don't wait for the shackle to break or your priest will get killed.

Lazy priests will screw you on this fight. Make sure your priests have the macros setup.

*If* you are lucky enough to have a dwarf hunter (or any dps dwarf), have that player dps Moroes at the start of the fight, making sure he or she is 3rd on aggro list before switching to kill the first ad. This will ensure that Moroes gouges your dwarf first, and he or she can simply use Stoneform to remove it so your paladin can save the bubble for someone else.


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