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Glendor's Gold Guide

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glendor's gold guide

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The Underbog
Mana Tombs
Auchenai Crypts
Sethekk Halls
The Arcatraz
The Botanica
| Splinter
The Mechanar

(exploit video)
Capacitus Sepethrea Pathaleon
High King Maulgar
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Earning WOW Gold Vs Buying WOW Gold

This is a big one for making gold, so pay attention. When is the best time to buy items in the trade channel? The weekend? Evenings? Those two are probably the worst times to buy items in the trade channel. If you want to buy epic and blue boe’s for rock bottom gold prices, get online at 2-4am server time during the week and just sit on an alt and pay attention to the trade channel. Put on some nice music and relax because it might take awhile. But inevitably you will find some poor, desperate player with an extremely rare epic BOE item or recipe and he or she must sell it right now for whatever reason. Guess who has the upper hand in this situation? That’s right, you do. Make your lowball gold offer and watch how quickly you get an item that you can markup for 10x your purchase price.