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warcraft riches guide glendor's gold guide gold secrets guide warcraft wealth gold guide



brian kopps guide joanas horde guide idemise leveling guide elite wow leveling guide
warcraft riches guide glendor's gold guide gold secrets guide warcraft wealth gold guide



brian kopps guide joanas horde guide idemise leveling guide elite wow leveling guide
warcraft riches guide glendor's gold guide gold secrets guide warcraft wealth gold guide


Earning WOW Gold Vs Buying WOW Gold

WOW Gold Secrets - Part 3

Congratulations! If you are reading this, then you have completed the first two lessons and you have acquired approx. 1,000 gold cash. You are now ready to start earning more gold than you ever thought possible!

What do you think is the most profitable item to sell on the auction house? Motes? Primals? Cloth? Herbs? If you answered with any of those, you are wrong and that is probably why your toon's pockets are not overflowing with gold.

Here are the two, best selling items on the AH: BOEs (bind-on-equip items) and recipes!

In order to make large sums of gold in World of Warcraft, you need to sell BOEs and recipes.

The reason why BOEs and recipes are the best selling items is because they are in limited supply. They must drop from a mob in order to be found. Not only are they the best selling items, they also make it far easier for you to get rich.

How many gaming hours did it take to farm your 1,000 gold? 10 hours? 20 hours? Twenty hours is probably an accurate number to farm 1,000 gold in loot. (By the way, I commend you for completing this necessary task.)

By comparison, how long do you think it would take to farm a BOE item or recipe? Since the drop rate on both is an extremely low percentage, let's just say it takes 100 gaming hours for every BOE that drops. And that is probably a modest estimate considering that I have seen only THREE epic BOEs drop in my entire World of Warcraft gaming experience.

But wait! Who said you have to actually farm BOEs and recipes to get them? That would be a precious waste of your game time! Wouldn't you rather be running Karazhan or Gruul's lair instead of killing mobs and hoping a BOE item or a recipe drops? Of course you would!

How do you acquire BOEs and recipes? You buy them on the trade channel or the AH.

A typical scenario might go like this: Another player is selling an epic BOE sword on the trade channel for 500 gold. Before you send him a whisper, you go to http://wow.allakhazam.com/ and do a search for the sword. You discover the sword is indeed worth 500g. Apparently this player has done his homework and is asking the correct price for the sword. Send him a whisper and say, “I’ll buy it, but it’s only worth 100 gold to me”. Most likely he will proceed to promptly cuss you out. But 8 times out of 10 he is desperate for cash (otherwise why is he selling the item on the trade channel?) and he will take your offer. This person will complain and try to get you to pay more, but your answer is always NO. If he doesn't sell it to you, fine. If he does, then you turn around and put the sword on the AH with a 24-hour auction and a buyout of 500 gold or more.

I made at least 20,000 gold by using this exact strategy, and I had fun doing it! You will quickly develop a reputation of being a "reseller". This is both good and bad. The bad is that people will get angry with you, mostly because they are envious of your ability to barter and make gold. The good part is that very soon players will come to you with BOEs and recipes because they know you have the cash to purchase whatever you want.

You should limit your purchase price to 20% to 30% of the "median AH price" found on the Allakhazam website. This leaves a safe margin in case you need to resell something at a much lower price than the listed median price.

You now have knowledge very few wow players possess. But do you have the skills to implement? Only you can answer that. In the meantime, for those who want an advanced lesson on earning gold within World of Warcraft, please continue with my tutoriral by reading Lesson 4.

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